Magdalena Popławska: biography

A talent which cannot be described... This short introduction could also conclude the discussion about her. Who are we talking about? Magdalena Popławska, a graduate of The Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow and a holder of a scholarship from Institut del Teatre in Barcelona.

Sensitive, awfully intelligent and, above all, versatile! You can see her in plays directed by Warlikowski and in a very popular series titled “Usta Usta“. These are completely different roles; however, her commitment and contribution are the same.

If you try to pigeonhole her, you will certainly fail. She is in her element on the stage as well as on the film set. She is always very committed and always does her best.

It is enough to see the role she played in “Krótka historia o miłości“. On the one hand, a cowed student; on the other hand, a self-confident woman entangled in relationships with two men. She was granted a Journalist Award during the 15th International Festival “Festiwal Sztuk Przyjemnych i Nieprzyjemnych Błysk for her part in “Anioły Ameryki” by Warlikowski in recognition of her total dedication towards art.
She does not seek popularity among the crowds and she shuns publicity. She is extremely assertive, trusts her intuition and demanding toward herself. She is sensitive to pain suffered by animals and always helps them. For a few years, she has been a vegetarian.
Magda sings beautifully; her passions include skiing and modern dance. She also draws. Her works are symbolic; she draws inspiration from the world that surrounds her.
Recently, she has confessed: “I can’t stand principles which limit me and restrict my freedom. I wear what I want; I go to receptions in jeans and eat sushi with my hands if I feel like doing it. I don’t give a hoot about savoir-vivre. I may take these liberties because I am well-brought up “. This is what Magda Popławska, one of the most talented Polish actresses, is like.