Marek Kalita: biography

Marek Kalita is a brave man, admired by many viewers by being able to undertake difficult and demanding projects. His biggest passion is theatre.
Marek comes from Silesia, place that he hated as a young boy, from which he wanted to escape. Visiting this place after many years changed this situation. Marek has currently a very sentimental attitude to it.

Theatre’s magic enchanted him quickly. As a young boy he used to open theatres but unfortunately any premiere succeeded. This dreams about his own theatre came true while he become a co-owner of Bücklein Theatre.
He has exceptional skills. Grzegorz Jarzyna and Krzysztof Warlikowski know that perfectly, and for many years Marek gets roles in their famous plays. Moreover, Marek was working also with Krystian Lupa and Jerzy Jarocki. He deserves their trust and never disappoints his masters. Viewers all over the world are always delighted, when they can admire his play on many international theatre festivals. "Iwona, princess Burgunda", "Celebration", "Krum", "Dybuk" - this are only few dramas in which Marek plays. Multitude of characters, their diversity is the best evidence of his talent.

From every role he creates a masterpiece. Marek is not "only" a theatre, but it is also an unforgettable creation - Minister - in "Homeless‘ field" directed by Kasia Adamik, role of "Priest" in "Piggies" directed by Robert Gliński, or very popular "dr Kotowicz" in TV series "M like Love".

Marek Kalita is also a theatre director. He directed "Kalimorfa" in Warsaw Manufacturing Theatre, "Visible darkness" in Dramatic Theatre and "Bombarded" based on Sara Kane’s play in Consistent Theatre. Occasionally, he works also as a stage designer and he looks for props on Koło. He is in love with antiques. Sometimes his private apartment changes in theatre magazine.

Marek Kalita is a man, who is far from the glitter. He loves music thanks to his grandfather. The most faithful but also the most demanding viewer is his mother. Marek always waits for her opinion.