Adam Woronowicz: biography

An actor, who is hard to describe. It's really tough to classify him. While looking at his appearance it's hard to say if we have dealings with a man who on one hand is kind, good-natured and on the other just demonic, dangerous. His mysterious gaze intrigues us, we would like to reach it, become acquainted with his secret.

Adam appeared in many marvellous theatre plays and played a few roles which he created in films and TV series, however he won the hearts of the viewers as a priest Jerzy Popiełuszko in the film „Popiełuszko. Wolność jest w nas” directed by Rafał Wieczyński.

"After I played this role I can do everything"- he says.

That's true. As the actor he's got a extraordinary potential. His inner beast wakes up while he is in front of the camera. He's got plenty of energy that he gives on set and almost explodes with his talent. His priest's role is so trustworthy that while watching the movie we almost forget this is only the acting, he only pretends being priest.

After a spectacular success of the film which put his life in order flop over. He still is invited to participate in schools' and churches' meeting to talk about his role which he surely does with enthusiasm. He answers the question patiently. The public seem to perceive him as a impersonate the priest. Only by talking about his role, Adam shows his testimony of belief

He is a person who is extraordinary true and honest, calmness, with inner balance and modesty. He is so "normal", "our", everyone feels comfortable while keeping him company. He is a good and a faithful friend, loving husband, father. Everyone who meets him officially or privately becomes enchanted with him immediately because Adam shares his positive energy with the others, He doesn't show any shadow of the stardom that would wakes up after such the successful film.

His fabulous role of Józef who makes a pass at the main character in the famous film "Reverse" directed by Borys Lankosz. is a proof of his versatile skills. This is an example how to make one of the episodes the masterpiece, a gem thanks to which the movie gained a comic plot. Still a long time after all watched the film, the viewers will burst out laughing while recalling this scene.

Adam comes from Podlasie. He graduated from the National Theatre School in Warsaw in 1997. He had a debut the same year. He has been playing in performances directed the best polish theatre directors such as Krzysztof Warlikowski, Grzegorz Jarzyna, Anna Augustynowicz, He is a laureate of numerous awards. (ex: prestige Warsaw Felix)

He showed a very wide spectrum of his abilities in theatre till today.

Theatre is important for him and he still acts (the newest spectacle is "Wiarołomni" directed by Artur Urbański in the TR in Warsaw) but he underlines how the film is significant to him. His talent was appreciated and he obtains new proposition today.