Knock Knock Actors is a modern actors agency. Our primary objective is to provide professional and comprehensive care of our actors. We aim at establishing a new quality of cooperation with artists.

We have experience in cooperation with artists of diverse film areas. The Knock Knock Actors Agency has arisen also from bonds of sympathy with actors, our passion for film and love of creative work. Integrating worlds and people fascinates us. We know exactly our role. We search for methods and ways for an actor to find the ideal director, for a director to find the face which is able to convey on the screen the desired emotions, for a producer to make him believe that with this particular actor and director he can make a beautiful movie and win hearts of the audience.
Experience gained from working in television, film, radio, press, as well as in management and production, enables us to move forward freely on trails that has already been blazed.

The Knock Knock Actors Agency bets on personalities. We know good and bad points of our actors, their ambitions and passions, thus we can create their careers effectively. We care for presenting artists in a professional way. We are the most satisfied when our actors achieve successes and shine with all their talent. We realize that spectators in the cinema want to be astonished watching fascinating stories, actors want to play interesting roles, directors want to make outstanding films and producers want to attract people to the movies and amaze them. We know how to set it in motion.

Join us! We believe in your talent and our collective success.

Magdalena Prokopowicz, Monika Kaczmarek